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Luksa telescopic masts - tripods

Government/Commercial Sales

LUKSA industries Specializes in custom designs and manufactures a large selection of  Multicopters, UAVs, Telescopic Antenna Masts, Pole Cameras, Telescopic Tripods and vehicle-mounted Telescopic Masts to suit applications where time, space and personnel are at a minimum.

Luksa offers key solutions for telescoping masts and tripods to elevate antennas, cameras and elevated testing equipment from ground to 100ft.

We feature:

Multicopters, Drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Watch this area for more details on our new "ready-to-fly" multicopters,

DRONES and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for aerial surveillance, mapping etc.

Portable Military Tripod and Telescoping Mast

  • Man-portable field antenna mast, telescopic with tripod/quadpod support.

  • The Telescopic mast can be rotated inside the base - Ideal for directional antennas and payloads that need rotation!!It is lightweight and stable with a wide adjustable base for fast deployment.

  • Each section is pushed-up and secured with friction collars.  Locking collars provide a rigid azimuth for your antennas.
  • Light-duty and heavy-duty models are available.

Electro-Mechanical Telescoping Locking Masts

  •  heavier-duty vehicle-mounted, 12V operation, cable and pulley driven
  •  vehicle-mounted crank-up mast,
  •  these units are ideal for communications, elevated testing and elevated photography/video
  •  rigid azimuth is maintained by internal keyways which are protected from dirt and dust

Remote Control Imaging Systems

Whether you need panoramic views or just an aerial bird’s eye view of a remote site, we can provide you with an affordable and simple solution.

Advantages of Luksa Equipment

  • All units are easily collapsible and there is no need to assemble and disassemble equipment onsite.
  • Extremely reliable units that are easy to maintain with basic tools. The motorized unit is 12V operated or vehicle auxiliary power.
  • The crank-up requires not auxiliary power at all.
  • The portable Military Tripod Mast is a manual push-up system with a collapsible tripod or quad pod legs.
  • It has a wide adjustable base for easy leveling on uneven terrain.

Custom orders are welcome and quoted on an individual basis!

Luksa offers our Federal and commercial customers discounted quantity pricing.  Please Contact us with your requests!

Certs & Reps

CAGE code - L9336
DUNS Number - 255299927
CCR Registered




Telescoping Antenna Masts

Elevated Photography Systems/Accessories

Remote Control FPV hobby and industrial multicopters and planes!

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