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Ready to Fly Systems, Multicopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Multirotor, Drones, UAVs

Ready-To-Fly Systems with FPV (First Person View)
Multicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, all multi-rotors with flight stabilization controllers, UAV Ready to Fly Systems for professional aerial photography, video, commercial, industrial and hobby uses.
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Multicopter (Quadcopter) System Recommendations

We propose that clients purchase a Package Flying System with two (2) ready-to-fly multicopters:

            - smaller basic unit for training

                - larger unit for professional use, once the training period has been completed


#1  Training Unit – essential to gain skills and confidence, before upgrading to a professional unit with camera

Up in the air:

This is an easy to fly and learn multicopter  with the “return home feature”

- F450 or similar model multicopter with four propellers

- four powerful high quality motors with reliable bearings and long life

- battery

- NAZA flight controller with GPS & compass

- heavy duty frame made from impact resistant/unbreakable plastic


On the ground:

 - High Quality Radio Remote Control

          (This Radio will also be used with the Professional multicopter, no

          modifications or preprogramming required.  (Only one Radio provided with package)


#2  Professional Unit      

User will graduate to one of these Systems when the Training period has been


     -  XA650 quadcopter for digital cameras

     -  DJIS800 hexacopter for SLR cameras

Up in the air:

This is an easy to fly professional multicopter with the “return home feature”

programmable Waypoints, and remote control gimbal for camera

- multicopter with four or 6 propellers

- fouror six  powerful high quality motors with reliable bearings and long life

- battery

- WooKong flight controller with GPS, compass, programmable waypoints, etc.

- heavy duty frame made from impact resistant/unbreakable plastic

- gimbal to carry point and shoot or SLR camera,

- remote control tilt and shutter release for camera


On the ground:

- high quality Radio Remote Control (same Radio as with the Training Unit – only one provided

  with the package)

- camera, multicopter and gimbal are all controlled by the Ground Radio Remote Control Station



FPV (first person view) with video transmitter on the multicopter and monitor with video receiver on the ground.


Camera Recommendations

Sony and Canon digital still cameras with HD video.



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